Friday, November 11, 2011

Something Along That Line

Eleven months is entirely too long to leave one's blog absent, I think.  It's not that I haven't thought about my blog at all during that time.  Believe me, I've often kicked myself for letting an enlivening, fulfilling, stimulating and (hopefully) productive habit slip away.  But, I have not completely forgotten it.  Really, I don't have alzheimer's - just "sometimers!"

Nonetheless, I have a renewed desire to once again put the metaphorical pencil to paper, to put script to screen.  And to what can I credit this rededication?  A board game, actually.  Scrabble.  Well, perhaps the credit can't go entirely to that entertaining culmination of chance, skill, anagrams and crosswords, but the mystery of strategically arranging letters and fusing words kindled an old flame.  Letters led to words, which led to thoughts, which led to ideas and... yes, well, you get the point.  Contemplating the chemistry of thought construction and articulation evolved into one powerful mental teaser to propose a challenge to the wishful wordsmith within me.

This is a new season of life for me.  I'm eight months into my first professional job, 14 months into a courtship with a beautiful young woman named Anna, and many, many more months into an ever-changing, always growing, increasingly challenging obstacle course that starts from the womb and ends in the grave: Life.  Every day I realize just a little bit more that this course requires training.  Constantly.  There's a race to be won, a battle to be fought, and each day's run and each day's battle reveals yet another area that requires conditioning.

I recently began training in Krav Maga, the Israeli-based combat and defense system.  As I've been forcing my body through strenuous exercises and drills to hone my physical ablities, it has forced me to examine my attitude concerning spiritual, intellectual and emotional discipline.  Do I get as excited to challenge my intellectual abilities as I do to test my stamina?  Am I as thrilled to particpate in a spiritual discipline as I am to box with a fellow trainee?

A large part of the purpose of this blog is to provide a means of motivation to articulate my contemplations; to construct a venue to voice the results of my inward conditioning.  New seasons bring new challenges to face, of which I'm finding to require greater and greater spiritual strength.  I want to be able to say that I'm a stronger person in my heart, soul and mind from my study of Scripture, worldview, the church, history, science and philosophy, which I pray will be evident in my words to come.  I'm a workman, studying to show myself approved.

In the technological age, full of information and media, my blog will be insignificant compared to the volume of lines devoted to the questions, answers, challenges, discipline, joys and goals of life, but it's an attracting thought to contribute to a larger composition.  Will my line matter in the universal book of opinion and dialogue?  Maybe not.  But, if it stimulates conversation, provokes feeling, stirs emotion, challenges assumptions and confirms values, for me or others, in my mind it will be worth it.  So, here's to a little line on the world's page.  My line.  Or, something along that line.


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